Creative Bushido

Creative Bushido” is a special interactive contents for self-promotion of japanese agency,”YOMIKO“.It’s getting increase various of enemies; like alien corporation and new unexpected one besides a biggest ad agancy in japan; for YOMIKO to get jobs from their clients. In new troubled ad era, the behavior YOMIKO warriors stand up for enemies is similar to war. It is named “Advetising War” and maked interactive animation. Their arm is just only “idea”!

The Ad industry in Japan today is placed to war era, drawn the japanese old-style expression, “byo-bu e”, and designed like military epic. The site is maked so rich; All illustrations are original, the title of “Creative Bushido” is written by japanese famous calligrapher and used many voice actors and so on. The expression and action are real for many references by samurai movie and history documents. In addition, the stage in the process of advetising is also drawn to chase up reality. By the way, there are a few wolrd wars like graund attack, naval warfare and air battle to keep users see this contents for a long time.

Agency: Bascule
Client: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.
Role: Art Direction, Animation, Programming
One Show 2007: Finalist
Asia Pacific Advertising Festival 2007: Bronze
FWA: Best of Month Apr 2006
Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards 2006: Bronze

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