NBC Olympics Scheduler

The NBC Olympics Scheduler App allows you to watch the 2012 London Olympic Games the way you want.

You choose your favorite events and athletes from the Olympics schedule and the app automatically creates a playlist.

It then sends a real time alert straight to your Chrome browser, just when the event is about to start, so US residents can catch every important Olympic moment as it streams live through NBCOlympics.com.

Agency: AKQA
Client: NBC/ YouTube
Role: Creative Development (Compass | jQuery)

World Of Red Bull

Red Bull started the launchpad site to support our big ideas. There are two parts. The first part is the athletes’ video gallery to see how Red Bull brings its athletes’ ideas to life. The second part is user generated video submissions for anything a user can dream up. The best ideas will be voted on by users and 10 finalists will get a chance to see their dreams come to fruition.

Agency: AKQA
Client: Red Bull
Role: Creative Development (Backbone | Ruby on Rails | Coffeescript | Scss | BrightCove)

nojo t-shirts

This T-shirt design was made for nojo, a unique neighborhood restaraunt specializing in Japanese style grilled skewers and pub food.
Role : Art Direction, Design (Also Art Direction by Jungshih)



This work was exhibited at 8 Bit Romantik @ Sweet Breams.
Click here to see the sneak peak


Audi Road Frustration Index

This site is a real-time data visualisation map using the data by SENSEable City Lab at MIT. The Road Frustration Index continuously assesses 30 US cities and draws upon factors such as infrastructure, weather, traffic, and driver sentiment (via social media) to bring more intelligence to driving.

Agency: AKQA
Client: Audi USA
Role: Creative Development (Backbone | Javascript | CSS)


Happy Birthday

This is for Creators for Japan, a charity event for tsunami disaster in Japan 2011.


Visa Signature Wallet Pop-up

The Visa Signature card features hundreds of premium perks. From luxury resorts, Friday night entertainment,fine dining, even skydiving – Signature cardholders can truly go experience more. However, most don’t know about the wealth of possibilities their card offers.

Your wallet can be a gateway to incredible experiences. Especially if it holds a Visa Signature card. Using the mobile platform of the iPad, we brought the perks to life in a way that pushes the capabilities of HTML5. Viewers could then delve into the various perks, get a taste of the experience, and redeem the special offers right in the ad.

Agency: AKQA
Client: Visa
Role: Creative Development (Javascript | CSS)



This is the girl I wanna be.



A study for composition and pattern.



This is a flyer for a BBQ event presented by SF Japanese-English Toastmasters (JETs).




TK Digital

This website is for TK Digital which is a production and distribution company.
The version has been closed in official but you can see the archive from here.

Client: TK Digital
Role: Art Direction, Design, Flash (Sound is by Brian V. Hall)


Makyu Royale PV

This PV is for “Makyu Royale“, a super enthusiastic baseball game content presented by Bascule. “Makyu” means a miracle breaking ball unleashed in the climax “the basis loaded and two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning” situation. Users can create/pitch/hit their original Makyus each other.

Client: Bascule
Role: Animation (AfterEffects | Flash), Storyboard
Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Creative Award grand prix
Cannes Cyber Lions Shortlist
Asia Pasific Advertising Festival 2008 Silver
Tokyo Interactive Ad Award Bronze


Moony Loony

Drawn when I was a crazy coffee person.


The Chaser

A random image about “The Chaser“, an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.


Beautiful Japan


Swollen feet


Mr. Maegawa

An avatar for Mr. Maegawa.


Creative Bushido

Creative Bushido” is a special interactive contents for self-promotion of japanese agency,”YOMIKO“.It’s getting increase various of enemies; like alien corporation and new unexpected one besides a biggest ad agancy in japan; for YOMIKO to get jobs from their clients. In new troubled ad era, the behavior YOMIKO warriors stand up for enemies is similar to war. It is named “Advetising War” and maked interactive animation. Their arm is just only “idea”!

The Ad industry in Japan today is placed to war era, drawn the japanese old-style expression, “byo-bu e”, and designed like military epic. The site is maked so rich; All illustrations are original, the title of “Creative Bushido” is written by japanese famous calligrapher and used many voice actors and so on. The expression and action are real for many references by samurai movie and history documents. In addition, the stage in the process of advetising is also drawn to chase up reality. By the way, there are a few wolrd wars like graund attack, naval warfare and air battle to keep users see this contents for a long time.

Agency: Bascule
Client: YOMIKO Advertising Inc.
Role: Art Direction, Animation, Programming
One Show 2007: Finalist
Asia Pacific Advertising Festival 2007: Bronze
FWA: Best of Month Apr 2006
Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards 2006: Bronze


I’m here

A cutting paper for a friend of mine, Yuko’s 20 y/o birthday gift.



This is a paper cutout for a serialized monthly column of a local newspaper, “Fukui Shimbun” in Fukui, Japan. The series ran for a year in 1998. (I cut a picture for every month, I lost all the others.):


Life and Death

This is a piece of artwork for my self exhibition in Fukui, 1997. It’s a life-size paper cutout and was sold to a hair salon for display.
(I lost all the others):